Did you see my post on the Facebook group or meet me in person at Alt and already want to snag a spot for a free Friday consultation? Go ahead and click here.

Want to know a little bit more about me and what I do: keep reading. I promise it's brief. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the inspiration and possibility after the amazing whirlwind that is Altitude Summit? Come sit with me for 30 minutes for a FREE one-on-one consultation. Or just looking for someone to talk with for fun? I'd love to chat with you.

I know after my first AltSummit I had so many ideas and didn't know where to start. Where I will best be able to help you is with the logistics of your business or blog. Want to make sure you're charging enough? Want to know easier ways to handle billing, receipts, inventory? Want quick solutions to legitimize your business or blog? Are you just starting and not sure what to do first? 

I come from the food service industry, where I traveled all over the United States, helping open new locations for both large chain concepts and small mom-and-pops alike. I have trained over 1000 employees, managed single-handedly the bookkeeping, payroll and human resources for multi-million dollar operations and found ways to save those companies money and still provide superior service. 

All of this experience made starting my ecofriendly clothing line and fabric shop 4 years ago so much easier, so I quickly realized that creative and entrepreneurial spirits might not benefit like I did from years of performing multiple roles that are key to a business's success. 

That's why I started Able Endeavors. My goal is to help those that have found their passion, but don't know how to account for it.

Here are some things we can talk about, both business and fun:

Entity formation, sales tax, Irish wolfhounds, inventory management, payroll, Harry Potter, labor regulations, healthcare reform, wine, cost of sales analysis, e-commerce websites, the best pizza in Dallas (or your hometown), business tools, hiring your first employee, Adele, bookkeeping, Google Apps for business, aerial dance....

Still want to talk to me? Great! Here's another chance for you to snag a spot.

This is completely free, just hoping to point some people in the right direction and meet some new like-minded friends. I will be in the Palmetto Room or nearby Friday morning, between 8 and 11:30 with 30 minute appointments. If it's fine with you, people will be welcome to listen in on our conversation. 

So excited for AltSummit. See you there!