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My #1 choice - $30 month for standard plan

PROs - just a few of their many features

  • It's the best at teaching it to do most of the work for you
  • Easy to use dashboard and interface
  • Integrates with practically everything
  • Multi-user options
  • New functions and improvements all the time
  • Amazingly resourceful help guides, videos and community
  • Free payroll for up to 5 employees


  • Inventory management needs more functions, especially for manufacturers***
  • Can't think of any other cons


This is a close second because it's free. Wait, I know what you're thinking, but it's free so that means saving money. Since Wave makes its money off of advertising and not through direct sales to customers, it is my opinion that they are not in the position of having the capital, both in money and in man power, to make major changes at a pace that will make them competitive in the long run. My logic is that Xero and other paid options are still ultimately held accountable (pun-intended) to their clients. 

However, I think that the Wave App is a great option for those that are just starting out, since it's no cost and has lots of amazing features that Xero and others like it offer as well.

**Take this con with a grain of salt. I spent 5 years working in inventory analysis, so I am very picky about inventory systems. 


Why I don't recommend the other options

Quickbooks - all versions

I've used every version of Quickbooks out there: Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise, Online and Self-Employed. While I don't have anything against Quickbooks per se, my biggest problem is that it still feels like it did ten years ago and it's constantly shutting down on me. I still have a few clients who can't or won't make the switch and every time I need to attach a file to invoice, I know without exception that QB will close unexpectedly and that Quickbooks will as for an error report as to what I was doing when it closed. Almost 3 years of this, and still no patch or update of the software has fixed this problem. 

Quickbooks has been the leader in the industry for ages and they have rested on their laurels in my opinion. When the market started to turn towards cloud-based solutions, instead of building from scratch like Xero did, Quickbooks pushed out a dumbed-down version of its original platform, with fewer functions than the original software and even more bugs.

With their latest version Quickbooks for Self-Employed, they are pushing an easy to use system that costs less (but still too much in my opinion) and it gives the illusion of being all you'll need'. Depending on your business, it may be completely false; you may need inventory options or to be able to track big purchases, like manufacturing equipment.

My advise: do your research before you assume Quickbooks is best for you.


One word: awkward. I just could not get around in this platform easily enough to last long in my month long test of this software. I often got frustrated and left tasks unfinished. After using the client version for a while, I met the accountant version with even more frustration, since it was even more limited than the client version. It didn't take long for me to move on.


I wanted so much to love this platform. The concept : you do a lot of things as a solo entrepreneur, so you should have one place to do it all: email, quotes, invoices, lead follow up, bookkeeping, etc. The problem with this is that it feels half-assed to me. Each area fell short in one way or another. And of course, where it mattered most to me, the bookkeeping area, it was just not even close. If you chose this platform, there would be no way for you to share information with your bookkeeper or accountant easily, since they have no accountant access options.  Long story short, 17hats has a long way to come to be what they say they aim to be: one solution for all your entrepreneurial problems.

goDaddy Bookkeeping

The biggest area this fails is that it doesn't have any equity balance reporting. So if you've invested money into your business, how would you know much? Practically no reports of any use. GoDaddy Bookkeeping is just a leftover function of its past life, Outright bookkeeping. While functional, GoDaddy lacks options that all businesses need as it grows: fixed asset tracking, inventory, payroll and more - all missing.

There is no one answer

Bookkeeping and accounting has standards and rules, but the truth is that there is no one software that definitively fixes everyone's problems. If you find one that works for you, then great. Stick with it, until you out grow it.  

If you need assistance figuring out which is best for you, or in setting up any of these options, sign up for a 1:1 session with me. Rates start at $145 per 45 minutes.


Time/Task Management

Time/Task Management

Time and Task Management

Keeping up with your to-do list can be a big waste of time or a big life saver, depending on what you use. For me, it's all about the 'T's. I technically do everything in Trello, which is linked to Toggl, which is then linked to T-sheets (if necessary).


This project and task management program uses the principle of Kanban boards. You can create as many projects as you want, unlimited cards under each project and unlimited tasks, notes, etc. under each card. You get the idea of the endless possibilities, but what's amazing is that it's free! Click on the image above to see more detail as to the options.

They have some additional features, like added storage, under Gold and Business(Gold for lots of members) that I could see needing at some point, but 3 years of using this and so far, I haven't had to upgrade.

Click below for  Trello's Inspiration Page for just a few of the many many ways to use this tool.



This little red button is my first step when I start working. By tracking my time per project, I can better price my services. If you're a freelancer that charges by the hour, you can integrate this with Xero (and many other options) to expedite your billing process. 

It matches up to my Trello boards, so no double entry on my part. I just hit the red button and mark which project I'm working on. Bing bang boom. 

Again, magic word: free. For everything I've needed so far, not a penny spent, but I'm sold if ever I needed to upgrade. Lots more features, so click below.



As you grow, that means hiring help. T-Sheets is a virtual time card for yourself, employees and contractors. And because it integrates with (all of the above) practically everything, it's an easy transition, for - you guessed it - free. Single users get a free account, which means you can learn the ins-and-outs of scheduling, job costing, etc. on yourself first. Once you're ready to hire your first employee, at $20/user/month, this tool will pay for itself when it comes down to payroll time. 

Click below for more info, but scroll down to see how this tool then moves us forward to the next step in growing your biz: HR and Payroll.

Ready to step up your game?

I am your gal. Let's get some of these systems in place so that you are ready to lead your team, whether it's working with a virtual assistant, a contractor, an intern or your very first employee. Systems in place make for a smooth transition for you and clear guidelines for your new help.

Schedule a 1:1 session with me. Rates start at $145 per 45 minutes.